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Letting Go

Letting go.

Two words depicting one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do.

Letting go sucks. Usually, it hurts a lot and most of the time its because whatever or whoever it is that you have to let go of mattered to you. You cared a little too much and suddenly you're not allowed to care at all.

And it sucks.

It's that feeling of loss that gets me the most. It's like one day everything changes and there you are, looking at the mess around you and wondering how the hell it happened. Letting go is tough and losing something or someone that matters to you hits you at your core. It's nothing short of painful and naturally, you're sad because you never meant for things to get that messed up. But there it is and there you are and you have to find a way to pull yourself up out of the wreckage because what else are you gonna do? You can't just sit there and wallow — you have to move on.

You have to let go.

Sometimes people come into our lives for a moment — they're just passing through. Like someone you meet on a train - they may be sitting there across from you for a few hours of the ride. But then they have to get off and switch trains because they have a different path they're supposed to follow and it doesn't correspond with yours. And it's just the way it is. And no matter how strongly you wish they didn't have to go and you didn't have to let them — they're gone — whether you like it or not.

And you have to pick yourself back up and you have to be okay because what other choice do you have? You need to remind yourself that God isn't gonna take something or someone away unless he has a plan for who's gonna step in to take their place. If God takes away what you thought was the best thing for you, it clearly wasn't what you thought it was and he has a greater plan that you aren't yet aware of.

God doesn't do things to hurt us, he does things that will benefit us in the long-run. His plan is so intricate and it doesn't always make sense when we feel like our hearts are being torn apart with little reprieve. But in the end, we're gonna see how some things had to fall apart so better things could fall together. And that's what's beautiful about life. Out of the darkest storms can come the brightest rainbows, and no matter how suffocating the sadness and despair may be, if you hold tight to the hope that there will be a moment when the light finally breaks through the clouds, you can gain the strength to make it through.

God allows us to break so that we can grow stronger and see his plan develop more fully in our future. And thats just something we have to remember no matter how hopeless things sometimes seem.

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