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Time is beautiful. Time has purpose.

Time is seamless yet is bounded.

Time is perfect. Time is the very thing we cherish yet the same thing we despise.

Time fosters healing, it fosters change.

Time forces the world to keep spinning even when we want it to stop.

Time is effortless.

Time is that which wakes us up in the morning and takes us to bed at night.

Time wasted is time lost.

Time can break our hearts, yet build them stronger all the while.

Time can bond. Time can create.

Time is precious and time is sacred.

Time is everything.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about this four letter word. I've been thinking about what it means and what it signifies – how I can make the most of it, and how I can live within these bounds yet so far beyond them, too.

I've begun to realize that we can't let negativity cloud our seconds, minutes, hours, and days. Time is so precious that it deserves the very best of us.

It is our privilege to make time the most beautiful that it can possibly be through our outlook and ability.

It is our privilege to experience time in the imperfectly perfect nature that it is.

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