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Peace in Prayer

I know I'm probably not alone when I say there have been times when I've failed to pray, times when I've forgotten the importance of bowing my head down and thanking God for the life I live, talking to Him like the Father, friend and confidant He is. And I know I'm probably not the only one who will fall to my knees in prayer when an obstacle or trial appears in my path. Not the only one who decides it's time to run back to Christ when I become lost and need him to take control and fix whatever problem has come before me.

But what about when things are going well? When I don't feel that intense need to pray because I don't need anything from Him. That mistaken idea of believing I don't need him like a fish needs water.

I'm consistently striving to put God first, yet sometimes I fail. I've found it's hard to remember the importance of thanking Him when he isn't right in front of us — a tangible being that we can show our gratitude to in person. It's so easy to say thank you to those we come in contact with throughout our days, but what about the one who watches over us during every one of those interactions? Staying by our side as we walk through each second, minute, hour of our life?

What I've been trying to do lately is set aside time each day to just be with God, to rest in His peace, read His word and pray in thanksgiving for everything He has blessed me with. And yes, there are things I still want and hopes, dreams and goals I still have and I pray for those too. But I pray for the future with the understanding and acknowledgement that I will be guided where He wants me to be guided. I'll land where he wants me to land, where my path will intersect and align perfectly with His plan. So in the meantime, I will pray in thanksgiving for all I have now and all I will have in the future, whatever that may be.

There's peace in prayer, the type of peace that brings joy so fully into our hearts. The type of peace that can change our entire way of thinking, seeing, hearing, living. The peace we gain in prayer inspires me and encourages me to strive for a life lived fully and faithfully in Christ. Because a life lived for Him is a life beautifully lived.

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